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Thanksgiving creates a peaceful heart


Thanksgiving Creates a Peaceful Heart For many families, this is one of the most difficult Thanksgivings for some time. Loved ones are missing around the table. Health workers are stretched thin as hospitals are filling up. In many states, restrictions are preventing families from gathering. For some, that is a good thing because family is [...]

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Fight or Fright


Fight or Fright – 3 Tips to Fight Through Fear What scares you? Spiders? Heights? Speed? Zombies? Psycho Serial Killers? COVID-19? Fear steals your peace. Very hard to experience inner peace when you are scared to death! We have a natural fight or flight response when confronted by perceived danger. The quick response has kept [...]

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Intentional Peace


Peace Inside / With Yourself  Having peace inside or with yourself involves many things, but one important piece is knowing yourself. When you know yourself, you understand what’s happening and why. This gives you a sense of clarity and empowerment to take action. Taking time to practice mindfulness is a great way to get to [...]

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10 Keys to a 10 Marriage


10 Keys to a 10 Marriage Want a simple way to divorce-proof your marriage? Well, it is not necessarily simple, or easy, but consistently showing up and intentionally training for a great marriage usually produces one. Based upon over 30 years of counseling couples as a pastor and over 1,000 divorce cases as a mediator, [...]

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Steps to Create Peace in the Midst of a Pandemic


Control Yourself. You cannot control anything or anybody else. Focus on what YOU can do. Help Others and Let Others Help You. We are in this together. Let’s act like it. Do something for someone else. Let other’s do something for you. Self-Care. First, take care of yourself. Good nutrition, vitamins, exercise, and personal space [...]

Steps to Create Peace in the Midst of a Pandemic2020-12-07T22:26:56+00:00
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