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Predictors of Divorce


Predictor of Divorce Conducted a total of 7 longitudinal studies spanning over 35 years involving 677 couples. This study revealed the Masters of relationship and what causes disaster in relationships. Basically they were able to predict divorce with 94% accuracy. Those that divorced Those that remained together and were happy Those that remained together but [...]

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Creating Inner Peace Through Mindfulness


Peace Inside/ With Yourself Having peace inside or with yourself involves many things, but one important piece is knowing yourself. When you know yourself, you understand what’s happening and why. This gives you a sense of clarity and empowerment to take action. Taking time to practice mindfulness is a great way to get to know [...]

Creating Inner Peace Through Mindfulness2020-12-07T22:18:37+00:00

The Valentine Challenge


Want to deepen a relationship? Want to express your love in more than roses, chocolates, and a Hallmark card? Take the 14 day Valentine Challenge! The 6 steps of the Valentine Challenge: For 14 days, write a love letter to your lover. Be specific of how and why you love your partner. Think of attributes, [...]

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Avoiding Holiday Family Fights


For some, getting through the stress of the holidays means trying to avoid the traditional family fight at Thanksgiving or Christmas.  I remember my grandfather drinking too much, getting mad at my mom, she ends up crying, and him leaving early huffing and puffing out the door.  So much for a Happy Thanksgiving or a [...]

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3 Ways Thankfulness Creates Peace


Thanksgiving is around the corner.  Did you know cultivating an attitude of gratitude can actually create more peace in your life and for those around you?  Here are 3 things to consider . . .  The first way to create more peace is forgiveness. I can already hear some of you groaning.  “You don’t know [...]

3 Ways Thankfulness Creates Peace2018-11-20T22:27:28+00:00

There are No Perfect Families, So Get Over It!


Families can be interesting, to say the least.  Some of you are old enough to remember Archie and Edith Bunker.  Often, we laughed with them instead of at them.  The characters on the show could come very close to describing some of our own family members.  Families come in all shapes and sizes, functions and [...]

There are No Perfect Families, So Get Over It!2018-07-31T21:01:10+00:00

Do You Have a Drop Dead File?


Do you have a Drop Dead File? I hate to be so morbid, but if something happened to you today, who and how would those around you pick up the pieces? Death does not discriminate between age, sex, race, or economic status. Accidents happen. Heart attacks happen. Cancer happens. Alzheimer’s happen. Death happens. What will [...]

Do You Have a Drop Dead File?2018-05-09T22:35:59+00:00

Six Good Reasons Why You Want Conflict


What did you say? I should want conflict, welcome conflict, even seek it out? Exactly! Why do you want conflict? Here are six good reasons: You want people willing to disagree with you. You are not as good, perfect, intelligent, and amazing as you think. I am part of a small group of business men [...]

Six Good Reasons Why You Want Conflict2018-05-09T21:42:49+00:00

Moving Mom, Again!


I am the one responsible for my mom. I must make the best decisions on her behalf. Last Saturday, I needed to move her for the third time. Moving someone you love three times in three years just plan sucks! The first move was over three years ago from her condo to an assisted living [...]

Moving Mom, Again!2018-05-09T21:42:16+00:00

Thanksgiving Beats Anger


When I am grateful for someone or something, I find it difficult to  remain angry at the same time. The holidays are quickly approaching, and with it, sometimes very interesting and conflicted family gatherings. Here are a couple of Thanksgiving Tips. First, create a Thanksgiving List of people, including some of those prickly family members [...]

Thanksgiving Beats Anger2018-05-09T21:41:31+00:00
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