Duncan Smith, M.A. Duncan Smith brings over 30 years of working with people, seeking to help them find creative and concrete ways to move through conflict and difficult situations. He brings an understanding of the dynamics of conflict within families and organizations from diverse experiences in urban (Chicago, NYC) and rural (Washington, Kansas) settings.

Trained as a mediator, social worker, and peacemaker, Duncan has also provided leadership in local and regional contexts. He is currently director for a small, national, health care plan. In these different capacities he has worked to mediate, facilitate, and coach individuals and groups so they can find the best solutions for themselves and for their group to move forward. He seeks to get to the best possible agreement by assisting people to get to the root of the conflict they are facing.

As a Genesis mediator Duncan is able to work with divorce and family agreements, non-profit and business organizational challenges and conflict, and with elder care issues.

Duncan is proud to be a new resident of Colorado, currently living in Lakewood, in the Denver metro area. Duncan has been married to Charlene Epp for 30 years. They look forward to getting to know their new metro area and new state!