Joanna Morrill-Anaya has personal experience working with Family Businesses, because she has worked in her own family business for many years. Before working for the family business, she had 7 years of work experience elsewhere and had also studied family businesses in an academic setting. She earned my MA degree in Conflict Resolution and wrote her thesis about conflict management within family businesses. Throughout her studies, she learned that successful family businesses have mechanisms in place to address conflict, plan for the future and forums for open communication. Working with family in a business setting is challenging, and many family firms do not survive. Because of this, Joanna is passionate about bridging educational gaps and facilitating ways for family members to work together as a team. With three family branches and over 60 shareholders in her own family business, this has not been easy, but the work is rewarding and helps family businesses survive. She hopes to use the knowledge she has ascertained over the years to help other family businesses.