We offer several options to assist in family business conflict:

Families can struggle doing business. Issues between family members can bleed into the marketplace and the business can bleed into the personal family relationships. Sometimes, it can get pretty ugly. Family relationships are often completely broken. We can help find common ground in the business world and repair relationships in the personal family. The goal – get business on track and family relationships restored. Some businesses elect to keep Genesis Mediation on a small retainer as an on-going resource for the family business.

Genesis Mediation is works with married business partners.  We have dissolved marriages and businesses simultanously so we understand the dynamics between marriage partners and business partners. Many couples can struggle doing business together.  A staff problem becomes a marriage problem.  A marriage problem becomes a business problem.  You can learn how to work and live together as a couple.

Genesis Mediation offers a FREE 15 Minute Consultation at (503) 352-9447.