We offer several options to assist in partnership conflict:

Partnerships are much like a marriage. In fact, most people spend more time with a partner in business than his/her own spouse. Friends often dream of going into business together. The day finally comes and they launch out with enthusiasm and a big dream. However, many partners do not adequately define roles, relationships, tasks, performance objectives and authority. This lack of clarity can quickly lead to conflict. Personality differences can cause conflict among partners as well. Whatever the reason, a trained mediator can bring resolution to the conflict and assist in alleviating future problems.

Conflict is very natural in many partnerships; the key is knowing how to resolve it. Sometimes partners come to impasse and the health of the entire company is in jeopardy. More than one new and fragile business went under due to unresolved conflict among the partners. Even older, healthier businesses can become deeply conflicted damaging employee moral and productivity.  The mediators at Genesis Mediation can bring peace and resolve the cyclical conflicts.

A Genesis mediator can consult with future business partners, exploring areas of potential conflict.  He or she reviews buy/sell agreements with the insight of a mediator.  The mediator interviews partners, clarifying roles and responsibilities while understanding conflict styles.  Most partnerships dissolve not because of poor operational agreements, but because of poor communication and conflict resolution skills.  You have spent thousands of dollars as a start up, why not spend a few hundred dollars to ensure you have the foundation for a good partnership to survive?

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