Genesis Mediation can assist in resolving various types of workplace conflict. We can de-escalate the current drama in a department or small business and help keep the drama in the movies, where you enjoy it.

We offer several options to assist in workplace conflict:

  • Quick! We Need Help Now! An outside, objective, third party can be helpful in the analysis and resolution of various workplace conflicts. Direct mediation can be offered between employees, between employees and managers, between managers and upper management, or any conflicted relationship.  This is helpful for small companies with limited HR resources and personnel.  Some small to mid-sized companies use Genesis Mediation to assist in conflict resolution between staff in order to keep neutrality between parties. All too often companies seek to manage conflict internally. Employees do not perceive objectivity in the process and can seek outside counsel from an attorney leading to litigation.

  • We Need Training!  We can help with that. We can personally train staff or managers, give a one time presentation on Creating Peace at Work, or ideally, break the presentation into smaller 30-minute presentations/dialogs that can dove tail into regular staff meetings. Genesis Mediation offers several Workplace Conflict Resolution trainings that can be tailored to your particular industry.  Click here for Seminars, Lunch n’ Learns, and Trainings, or contact us to learn more about scheduling conflict resolution training for your business.

  • We Might Get Sued! Can You Help? The short answer is, YES! We cannot guarantee success, however, to date we have kept clients out of court and the media. You must call us EARLY in the process of conflict. Don’t wait until the employee feels so frustrated he or she reaches out to an attorney. Once a staff member knows a neutral, outside party is LISTENING, often the situation is de-escalated and litigation is averted. Again, if contacted early in the process, even the employee relationship may be salvaged, if both parties agree the work relationship is important to maintain.

  • We Need to Change. Can You Help Bring Peace at Work? Yes! Dr. Kinnison created a process to bring peace at work. We basically become a built-in ombudsman for the staff assisting the HR Department. Employees know they can access us much like an EAP program. If conflict begins to brew, the employee calls our staff before an attorney. Genesis Mediation is often placed in the Employee Handbook as a resource in the conflict management section. For very little money, a business owner can sleep well at night knowing Genesis Mediation is keeping conflict in check.

  • Need Help with Culture or Third Party Performance Reviews? Genesis Consulting Services can help you. Check us out.

Inter office conflict robs companies of momentum, time, teamwork, and productivity.  Conflict costs American businesses billions of dollars annually. In family business and partnerships, conflict between parties is not unusual.  Our mediators help to resolve conflict among shareholders, board members, partners and owners.  They assist in creating an action plan to keep parties out of conflict.  Some companies place Genesis Mediation on a small monthly retainer for a period of time to keep parties moving forward with minimal conflict. Genesis Mediation will submit a proposal for the scope of work requested.  Companies can select either flat fee or hourly rate proposals. Genesis Mediation offers a FREE 15 Minute Consultation at (503) 352-9447.