Families can be interesting, to say the least.

They come in all shapes and sizes, functions and dysfunctions, personalities, traits, strengths and weaknesses. One of the coolest things we do is helping restore family and couple relationships. We could tell you many stories with happy endings. We don’t have any pixie dust, relationships don’t just instantly become restored. We do help many couples and families find reconciliation and take the first step down the road of healing and trust.

Couples and family mediation is not counseling.

We cannot resolve addictions, personality disorders, or other long-term therapy needs. We do have great success in helping families and couples reconcile estranged relationships and begin a process of healing. The relationships can be spouses, adult children with senior parents, or parents with teens. Common topics of conflict include sex, kids, and money. What a surprise! So how do we help bring reconciliation?

The process begins with a phone call.

It begins with a family member willing to seek reconciliation. If the situation is a fit for couples or family mediation, then we proceed in seeking to gain support from other partner or family members. We conduct interviews with each member to discern the history and issues resulting in the conflict. If a couple, then we are ready to meet. If a family, we start with one-on-one mediations between conflicted members. By the time the entire family gathers, we have resolved many of the conflicted relationships and can now discuss any further issues. We often conclude by writing a Family Covenant, or how the family wishes to be family to each other.

The process is extremely successful.

Resulting in a high percentage of resolution in our cases. We can assist family business as well. Sometimes family bleeds into business or business bleeds into family. It can be messy. We help clean it up.

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