As executor of the estate, you thought mom or dad’s will was clear, all the kids seemed amiable, and things should progress relatively smooth.  Then, one or more of the siblings began raising questions and concerns.  Things started going south quickly.  Attorneys were hired, and now nobody is speaking to each other except through their attorneys. Before you call that attorney, call in a mediator to help all parties be heard, sort out issues, problem solve, and reach a peaceful resolution.  Even if attorneys are already involved, a mediator can still be quite helpful to resolve the conflict outside of court.  Even the best families can find themselves conflicted over estate issues. Genesis Mediation founder Dr. Randall Kinnison has first hand experience in estate disputes.  At the death of his stepmother, several of her children disputed over some personal belongings leading to an estranged relationship for several years.   One session with a mediator might have averted both the conflict and the strain placed on the relationship. A mediator interviews the family members to determine the central issues of the dispute.  In some instances, only two family members may need mediation to resolve the dispute.  Other times, a series of mediation sessions between various family members will be conducted for resolution.  Most disputes are resolved within one to three sessions. You can either come into one of our offices for mediation, or, if you prefer, we can come into the family home.  The location must be deemed neutral for both parties.  To begin the process, simply call for a FREE Phone Consultation.