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There are few things in life more difficult than ongoing neighborhood conflict. Ask the Hatfield’s and McCoy’s!

You moved into your new house, getting settled, then the doorbell rang. You were expecting a warm greeting from a neighbor. Instead, you got a tongue lashing about parking your boat in the driveway. Welcome to the neighborhood!

Many community-based mediation centers can help with simple neighborhood conflict. When things escalate to potential litigation, or more complex issues, that is where we can step in.

Below are a few ways Genesis Good Hearth HOA Center can help you.

Board Conflict. In some HOAs, board members are elected to uphold a specific agenda. A board filled with members with opposing agendas will act much like our congress. They will get little done for you as a resident. Annual and special meetings are uncontrolled with people yelling and threatening each other. Chaos ensues!

Board to Resident Conflict. When is a resident in out of compliance to the CCRs, too often the board issues a letter from an attorney. When a resident receives a letter from an attorney, usually escalation happens quickly. Genesis trains and assists board members to mediate issues within the HOA instead of instantly issuing legal threats. This is expensive and often leads to acrimony between neighbors. Remember, you live in community with these people.

HOA/Board to Builder Conflict. Newer subdivisions can be subject to defect construction issues. There is a time limit for the HOA to resolve the problem. When attorneys get involved, their fees can take a substantial amount of the settlement, leaving the HOA with the need for a special assessment even after winning the case.

HOA Board Training and Support. For a modest fee, often less than an HOA spends in sending some letters from attorneys, Genesis can help train your board members, assist in mediating neighbor disputes, and facilitate annual or special meetings.

Neighborhood Disputes. The meetings are contentious and hostile. Nothing gets down. The neighborhood is splintering into factions and things are getting ugly. Can you help us? ……Yes! We can come along side you board, work with people in your neighborhood, and de-escalate the tensions and work toward common goals.

Training for Board Members and Neighbors. “We are spending too much money on attorneys.” The board sends out letters to neighbors from attorneys who are out of compliance before speaking with them. The neighbors engage attorneys to fight back. I know there are times attorneys are necessary. Is there a better way?

We train your board members in conflict management to de-escalate neighborhood conflict and work with those who are out of compliance. There are still situations that require legal action. However, many situations can be handled with mediation, either through trained board members or one of our staff. If a board member cannot resolve the matter, then one of our staff assists. Our staff can assess if mediation will be successful or if legal action is necessary. For a small monthly fee, we train board members and neighbors in conflict management, help the board deal with conflict, and facilitate your annual meeting and any special meetings. With our help, you might have more people volunteer for the board!

Facilitation: The conflict at HOA meetings can get out of hand. Nobody listens. Everyone is taking over others. The room is out of control. Through our expert facilitation, we can keep a room in control, allow everyone to be heard, and move the agenda along to move actions forward. If board meetings are contentious, we can help facilitate as a neutral third party. All the professionals at the Genesis Good Hearth HOA Center have mediation training and certification. We can take the chaos out of meetings and create peace!

The vision of Genesis Mediation is creating peace for over 25,000 by 2020. Let us help you create peace in your neighborhood!

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