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When first pursuing mediation as a career, many told me to give up. There were few jobs in mediation. They were correct about the job part. If you are willing to create a private practice, you can develop a profitable firm, either solo or with a team. Mediation is primarily an unregulated field at this point. Many states now have some form of mediation association listing best practice and minimum thresholds. Although you do not need advanced degrees, most private mediators have at least a masters level of education. Universities have begun to offer degrees in ADR. The education is usually outstanding. However, in private practice, gaining a degree in your practice area can be the most helpful. I started Genesis Mediation in 2005. The firm has grown in practice areas and locations, plus expanded to creating other companies utilizing mediation skills in human resources, business consulting, and elder care.
The focus of my training through Genesis Mediation is preparing you for private practice or augmenting another part of your business/career. The 40 Hour Basic Mediation Training is the foundation for a career in mediation. Most people will need Advanced Training as well. Then, you must specify the area of practice and take the appropriate training. I offer training in four areas: Divorce and Family, Business, Non-Profit and Elder Care/Estate. For those who could use some help on the business and marketing side, there is “Creating a Profitable Practice Course.” I am expanding this assistance with a closed Facebook page for interaction with me, and if you want another level, a mastermind group. At this point in my life, I am about helping thousands of others to become successful mediators and multiply the PeaceWave (see . If you are interested in building a practice under the Genesis Mediation umbrella, schedule a phone appointment with me.
Dr. Randall Kinnison, (aka Doctor Peace)
Founder and CEO, Genesis Mediation

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