Dr. Randy Kinnison launched Genesis Mediation in 2005.  Naysayers said he could never earn a living as a mediator.  He grew Genesis Mediation from a small, one person practice to a thriving firm with locations in three states.  Invaluable lessons learned along the way include:

  • How to reduce overhead
  • Network marketing
  • Creating templates to save time and increase quality assurance
  • How to see opportunity for niche markets

Dr. Kinnison grew the firm in the face of one of the greatest recessions of our country.  Conflict is recession proof.  Mediation is the low cost option to attorney-driven litigation and costs.  There is plenty of work for mediators, both now, and in the future. Workshop Agenda:

  • Building a Strategic Business Plan that includes:  Mission, Vision and Values
  • Creating a Brand/Niche
  • Marketing:  Networks, Social Media, Website, Google Adwords, Materials, Direct Mail, and More
  • Operations:  Reduction of Overhead, Templates, Technology, Fee Structures, Collections
  • Customer Service:  How to beat the competition, especially attorneys

You will walk away with a one page Strategic Plan for the next three months.  If you execute the plan, your practice will grow and become more profitable. Please email or call us at (503) 352-9447 with questions.  Cost is $350 for early bird registration or $400 at the door. Sufficient registrations necessary.  Full refund returned due to insufficient numbers.

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