Upcoming Trainings:

If you have questions about our Divorce and Family Training, please call (503) 352-9447 or contact us.  We are happy to answer your specific questions to see if this training is a good fit for you.  You must have completed the 40-Hour Basic Mediation Training prior to taking this Divorce Training (either with Genesis or elsewhere). You should also complete Advanced Training.

Mediation is a growing trend for those seeking divorce or family law matters.  Mediation has proven to retain the best possible relationship between parents when children are involved.  In Divorce Mediation Training you will receive instruction on:

  • Understanding the divorce process and working off of a checklist
  • How to help parents avoid custody battles
  • Writing Parenting Plans and Modifications
  • Calculating Child Support
  • Helping parties to final agreement on spousal support
  • How to treat various assets and liabilities in settlements
  • Getting parties to settlement
  • How to involve attorneys without blowing up mediation

The training is a hybrid model with content online and one day for live training.

Upon completion of training, you will need supervised hours as recommended by the Oregon Mediation Association or the Mediation Association of Colorado. Please contact us for the dates of the next Divorce and Family Training. The cost of this training is $600.  We must have sufficient numbers for training.  You will receive a full refund if the training is cancelled for any reason.  If you have questions, please contact us at (503) 352-9447 or email at info@genesismediation.com.


I completed my 40 hr basic mediation training with Genesis Mediation and Dr. Randall Kinnison. The experience was very positive and I learned more than I expected during the training even though I have been a practicing attorney for more than 15 years. Dr. Kinnison is very accessible during the training, inviting questions and taking the time to explore the answers. The training is very hands-on, with lots of role playing and problem solving, so to ensure that the concepts are well-introduced.  That was a very important part of the training and very helpful. Dr. Kinnison tries to maintain “small” group sizes so that each participant is ensured personal attention. Beyond the training, it is obvious that Dr. Kinnison has a true passion for mediation, as he makes himself available for follow-up assistance and questions. I would highly recommend Genesis Mediation for anyone who is seeking this type of training.

Diane Grecco, Attorney at Law, GRECCO DOWNS, PLLC