There are times a non-profit board needs an outside facilitator to assist in a rough patch of issues. The issues are dividing the board along with leadership of the organization. Alliances are created and lines are drawn.  A neutral, experienced outside voice to facilitate one or more meetings can help the organization through the conflict. 

Shareholder meetings can become chaotic and divisive over some hot topics. Your E-Level meetings may be getting out of control. Healthy conflict is good for business. You want ideas and new processes challenged and examined. When the conflict becomes personal and dysfunctional, the morale and culture of the business is affected. 

Home Owner Associaiton meetings can some of the most contentious. The meeting can quickly devolve into shouting matches and even threats. A property management representative may be present. All too often, the representative is not seen as a neutral and may not have training to match the moment. 

Whatever the situation, the staff of Genesis Mediation can help you de-escalate the situations. We have experience in facilitation that creates a safe space to hold difficult conversations.  We create peace.

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