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Vacation Homes

Vacations homes are a dream come true for most people. The conflict can erupt between joint ownership issues if shared by family members or with good friends. Families can become splintered and friendships broken. If you rent your vacation home, you might experience some problems with your temporary tenants. We can help dial down the conflict, then create an agreement for future use. If you are contemplating a joint venture into a vacation home, creating a covenant and Memorandum of Understanding surrounding use and abuse is very helpful to keep you out of conflict. 

Buying and Selling

You are buying or selling a home. No big deal, until it becomes a big deal. There can be a number of hiccups through the transactional process. A realtor might have a problem with the buyer or seller, or they might have a problem with the realtor. After the sale, things were not as promised with the property. If during the sale, we can help smooth the waters. If after the sale, we can help avoid litigation. 

Investment Partnerships

Real estate partnerships for investment purposes are common. Whether you are finding and purchasing properties, flipping or developing, there are plenty of opportunities for conflict. Instead of instantly picking up the phone to call a attorney, give us a shot at mediation. For the cost of the retainer of an attorney, and sometimes even a letter, we can resolve the matter.

Shared Housing

Shared housing will become an increasing trend as affordable housing becomes more scarce. People will choose to live together, from college kids to senior adults. Often, there are no covenants or subleases in place to govern everything from household rules to a necessary eviction. We can help de-escalate the tension and create necessary documents to help mitigate future conflict.

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