We can help from a simple presentation for a service club to a full day of specific training. Check us out below.

For Business

Title Description
Creating Peace at Work Series. The series can either be one hour presentations used as Lunch n’ Learns to a half day training sequenced together. This series is designed for entire staff participation including supervisors within a department, small business, or non-profit.
Creating a Drama-Free Workplace How to Declare Peace with Your Co-Workers/Boss
Creating Teams that Work at Work
How to Handle Difficult Clients 1 hour. Designed for staff working directly with customers/clients.
Managing Work Place Conflict 1 hour. Designed for supervisors.
Mediation 101 for Business 1 hour. Introduction to mediation principles and practices. Can be a shortened to 20 minutes.
How to Vet a Partner 1 hour. Designed for those considering a partner or actively seeking one.
When Partners Can’t Agree 1 hour. Designed for those currently experiencing conflict or those who wish to avoid the pitfalls and unhealthy conflict resolution.
Creating Success for Succession 1 hour. This seminar is for a business owner or a family who is considering succession. Designed to help create a succession process that will understand the human and family dynamics in succession that can cause failure.
The Business of Family (for family business) 1 hour/half day or full day. From a one hour presentation to an entire day of training to help family businesses avoid conflict and function in a more healthy manner. A family therapist is involved along with Dr. Kinnison.
The Business of Marriage (for married business partners) 1 hour/half day or full day. This seminar is offered in a one hour format. Training is offered in a half or full day. A marital therapist is involved in the training along with Dr. Kinnison.
Sexual Harassment Training 1 hour. Dr. Kinnison brings along an employment attorney to discuss the legal elements of sexual harassment.
Advanced Negotiations Training 1 hour/half day or full day (CEU). The seminar and training is targeted for realtors. Anyone is welcome who wishes to hone negation skills.

For Eldercare

Title Description
Transitions to Continuous Care Communities 1 hour. Designed for presentation at Continuous Care Communities.
The Decision Tree of Aging 1 hour. The original presentation that birthed the book. For more information, check out www.thedecisiontreeofaging.com.
Caring for the Family Care Giver 1 hour. Designed for the family care giver and his or her family members. Touches on roles and responsibilities of all family members and methods to resolve conflict.
The Parent Trap (Don’t Parent Your Parent) 1 hour. Role reversal is a reality. How to care without parenting your parent.
Making Retirement Work 1 hour. Many baby boomers are not fully retiring. They either cannot afford it or simply wish to keep working. The seminar is designed for those who wish to “semi-retire.”
Mediation Strategies for Eldercare Professionals 1 hour (CEU). Designed for professionals in the eldercare area to understand mediation practice and strategies.

For Non-Profit

Title Description
Creating Board Harmony 1 hour. Designed for the entire board to attend of a non-profit. Helpful strategies and processes to get everyone on the same page.
Nurturing the Board Chair and Executive Director Relationship 1 hour. Designed for the chair and Executive Director to attend together.
Get Out of the Silos and Create Team 1 hour/half day or full day. Larger non-profits can struggle with a silo mentality that creates conflict between departments. The seminar or training focuses upon how to create teams, both overall and within departments, as well as healthy conflict resolution processes.

General Training

Title Description
Mediation 101 1 hour. Designed as a introduction to mediation practices.
Avoiding Holiday Family Fights 1 hour. Offered at the holidays to avoid those ugly family encounters.
Creating Peace in the Midst of Family Chaos 1 hour. Designed for families facing crisis and challenges causing conflict.
Stuck in the Middle 1 hour. When family members or co-workers want you to choose sides. How to remain neutral and become a peacemaker.
The Anatomy of Peace 1 hour/half day/full day. Based on the book, the seminar or training focused upon the principles and strategies from the Arbinger Institute of creating and maintaining peace.
When Change Creates Conflict 1 hour. Designed for a non-profit or business that faces dramatic change and how to keep people on board through the process while dealing with conflict in a healthy manner.

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